About Us

Algomedicus develops AI-based software and equipment for medical treatmentprocesses in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. Utilizing image processing, machine vision, pattern recognition, statistical and machine learning, Algomedicus aims to provide with the most precise diagnosis possible by combining AI-powered algorithms and medical specialty of healthcare professionals.

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Our products combine state of the art machine learning techniques and AI technology to deliver reliable, robust, and accurate results. All our products are rigorously checked by experts to ensure correct results.

Chest X Ray Module for Chest Radiology

The diagnostic accuracy in chest radiology can decrease down to 10% in some diseases. With the help of machine learning systems developed through an immense data, we create algorithms tailored for chest diseases to re-invent chest X-ray and re-imagine radiology for precise results.

Lung Cancer

Causing 1.6 million deaths annualy, in Lung cancer early detection can be miraculous for the patient, clinician and the society.
Our algorithms strike out the equation, and provide a reliable, cheaper and low-dosed option.


The number one reason of deaths worlwide is the cardio vascular disease that causes one third of the deaths. We still lack a screening method and miss opportinities by missing diagnosis.
Ourdetection algorithm will aid the provider to not to miss thediagnosis and to win the opportunity!


Pneumonia is the most common infection worldwide and it is the third leading cause of deaths. It is very treatable if diagnosed timely.
Our pneumonia detection algorithm will substantially aid the diagnosis,thus enable timely treatment of pneumonia!


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the fourth leading cause of death  following pneumonia. Unfortunately it is commonly misdetected on Chest X-rays.
Our emphysema detection algorithm will find emphysema and COPD, and help the patients and providers to fight COPD before it becomes too late!


Pnuemothorax represents one of the most urgent medical conditions and necessitates prompt diagnosis and management.
In Pnuemothorax treatment machine learning will not leave it to half a chance and provide accurate and expeditious diagnostic capability!

Pleural thickening

Ahealthy pleura is two-cells thick and not detectable in radiologic studies. At its late phases pleural thickening may occur pleural tumors, which can remain undetected.
Our algorithms will detect the unseeable and provide accurate diagnosis of pleural disease!