Graduated from Koç University, Economics. Experienced marketing team leader and manager of 8+ years with an innate focus on innovation and people management.
Emir Türkkan
Managing Partner
Strategic planner, investor and supply chain management specialist. In-depth entrepreneurial curiosity and willingness to try.
Nuri Cem Erbak
Hacettepe Faculty Member specialized in lung disease research. Endoscopic Surgeon. Staff Harvard Medical School as of May 2021. 
Cem Şimşek
Economist with a diverse experience of innovation investment and board management. 
Ahmet Şevki Altın
Born in 1998, graduated from Bilkent University, Department of Industrial Engineering. Experienced in marketing and operations planning, currently works as a Business Operations Coordinator in Algomedicus.
Şimal İrem Gökalp
Business Operations Coordinator
Technical Team
Graduated from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department at Bilkent University, Mert is doing his Master’s work in the same department. His main focus is ML and computer vision in health care.
Mert Acar
Data Scientist
Was born in Ankara in 1976, graduated from METU City Planning Department. Did his master’s degree at METU Informatics Institute. Recently worked mostly on artificial intelligence. Playing with his kids, watching movies, astronomy, and building some woodworking projects are his hobbies.
Koray Orhun
Software Developer
Barış Coşkun graduated from Bilkent University Electrical and Electronics Engineering department with B. Sc. degree at 2017. He completed his M. Sc. degree at Hacettepe University Computer Engineering Department at 2021. Now he works in Algomedicus as a Data Scientist.
Barış Coşkun
Data Scientist
Güneş Evitan is a self-taught programmer and data scientist. Güneş holds the title of Kaggle Grandmaster, and his focus areas are computer vision and time series. He has extensive experience on working with medical data and he loves solving problems with AI in the healthcare field.
Güneş Evitan
Data Scientist